I'm a Melbourne based graphic designer currently Design Lead at GOOP Digital. 

I am a big believer in crafting the user experience both on and offline and strive to deliver the ultimate combination of emotion, experience and engagement. I have a passion for great design and taking action on great ideas. Driven by a believe in working collaboratively and a background concoction of print, marketing, retail and an inquisitive nature, enables me approach solutions from an unique perspective.

The goal is to always create well crafted work where usibility and emotion are equally important. I'm interested in the process, learning how things work, pulling things apart only to put them together, better.

When I'm not wrangling pixels you'll probably find me at a punk rock show, having a coffee or working on any combinations of my many passions — my clothing brand, photography, wood-working, bike-riding and skateboarding. I love to collect zines and books and at the risk of sounding like a freak I love the smell of a freshly printed book.

So the elephant in the room... Who is frank? Frank is my dad, growing up in a small town everyone would tell me that I looked "...just like Frank" the name stuck and the rest is history. 
Just Like Frank inititially was the first name for a brand it organically grew into my freelance business and full time job some years later!

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Personal Projects

Once We Were Misfits 

More In progress... check back soon




—  Identity 
—  Branding Stategy
—  Print
—  Retouching 

—  Web Design 
—  UI/UX
—  Wordpress
—  Mail Chimp
—  Basic SEO Practices


—  Adobe CC 
—  Basic HTML 
—  CSS 

Currently Learning
—  Axure 
—  Sketch
—  Italian
—  Latte Art
—  As much as my brain can handle

What I'm Liking

—  Drag It Down On You - Ceres
—  Chamomile - Slowly Slowly

—  Steal Like An Artist - Austin Kleon
—  Power Of Habbit - Charles Duigg